New ECF grades issued

31 January 2020

The new ECF grades are out – happy reading for some, less so for others.

Of the 39 players listed for Limewood & Scarcroft:
~ 12 players’ grades have gone up
~ 3 remain the same
~ 21 have gone down
~ 3 did not have a grade listed for the previous year.

Here are the players whose grades have increased:

PlayerIncreaseNew grade
Steve Hodgson988
Paul Smith745
Bob Maltby4127
Howard Brears4126
David Halpin366
David Hanover377
Peter Harrington3182
Paul Brencher1170
Paul A Johnson1160
Tom Leah1182
Herbert Lockwood1137
Steve Whitehead1140

Those whose names are at the top of the list, most notably Steve Hodgson and Paul Smith, have obviously made a strong start to the season. But the opposition this season has been exceedingly tough, so anyone who has managed any kind of increase on their grade has reason to be pleased with themselves.

In practical terms, the new grades make no difference for those playing in Leeds League matches – the July grades remain in force for the entire season. The new grades apply to those taking part in congresses, county championships and the like.

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