Nailbiter 2

2 December 2020

It’s been a busy week for Limewood players with various of them involved in 3 different events.

On Saturday at noon was Sylvan’s latest tournament for U1450/U100 players, quickly followed at 2.30 the same afternoon by the first round of the new Yorkshire Online League. A joint Limewood/Alwoodley team sailing under the name of Alwoodley 2 played a team from Bradford. Then this evening there was the usual Wednesday multi-club scrap on the Lichess platform with Limewood providing 8 of the 17 participants.

By far the most memorable game of the week was that at board 3 of the match against Bradford. The last game to finish, it was far from Grand Master chess but the huddle of online spectators found it riveting. Here’s the Lichess graphic showing how the advantage oscillated:

Anything could happen, and did. As the game neared its end with both players down to seconds left on the clock the result was still completely open. A draw was offered and declined. Either player could win by checkmate or lose on time. A true nailbiter. You can play through the game at:

The team lost 3½ to 2½, with Philip May contributing a win to the Limewood/Alwoodley score.

In tonight’s multiclub rapidplay, Limewood’s top scorer was Philip May with 3½ points from 6 games. He was followed by 4 Limewooders all with 3 points and separated only by tiebreak: Paul May (yes, those Mays are the right way round), Ian Carrigan, Paul Johnson and Tony Carrigan. But just to spoil the fun, players from other clubs took the top 5 places in the overall table.

Limewood‘s best performance of the week was in the U1450/U100 tournament at midday on Saturday. Philip May (has he been taking pep pills this week, shining in all 3 events?) and John Light took the Gold and Silver positions with 3½ points each from their 5 games.