Most improved players

Noted by Lumpy Kustud

11 February 2018

It is always interesting to dip into the ‘Most Improved Players’ lists on the Yorkshire Chessnuts site (  Several Limewood members feature there at the time of writing, though of course the situation changes with time.

Top billing must go to Steve Hodgson who currently heads the ’60 months’ list by a hefty margin.  His grade increase in that period is 64.  The second player on the list only increased his grade by a measly 55.

Chris Tatham also features strongly in the lists.  He ranks 7th over the last 3 months with a rise of 17.
Paul Smith ranks 4th in the 2-months listing, with a rise of 15 points.

Eric Brodie is also there with an increase of 16 points over the last 6 months.

Bob Maltby features in the 60-months table with a rise of 18.