Mini & Rapid Leagues – round 1

Here are the results of the games on Wed 5 October 2022.

Mini League

BoardColourLimewood M1GradeResultColourLimewood M2Grade
1WJohn Grasham16310 – 1BDuncan Stables1506
2BLewis Carroll13740 – 1WBen Van Loo1450
3WPhil Higgins13001 – 0BSteve Hodgson1375
Total 43051 – 14331
Result2 – 3

The Mini League is a handicap competition where 2 ‘bonus’ points are allocated according to the teams’ relative grade strength. If the total grade difference is 225 or less, the 2 points are shared equally. For a difference of 226 – 749, the split is 1.5 to 0.5 in favour of the weaker team. For a difference of 750 or more the weaker team is credited with both points. No team can have a total grade of more than 5850.

Rapidplay League

GradeLimewood R1W/BResultW/BLimewood R2Grade
1838Paul MayW1 – 0BBob Maltby1636
1838Paul MayB1 – 0WBob Maltby1636
1798Holi A SiefaldinW1 – 0BHoward Brears1628
1798Holi A SiefaldinB1 – 0WHoward Brears1628
1154Paul SmithW0 – 1BIan Carrigan1511
1154Paul SmithB0 – 1WIan Carrigan1511
Result4 – 2

In the Rapidplay, the time control is 25 minutes plus increments of 10 seconds. Players play each other twice, once as White, once as Black.