Lost – gone missing

3 June 2019

Fears were expressed tonight for the wellbeing of members of the Awkward Squad. They were scheduled to attend the AGM of the Leeds Chess Association but unaccountably failed to appear.

Fixtures Secretary Mike Bramson offered to organise a search party.

Chairman Ian Strickland said, “I don’t understand it – I didn’t have to deal with a single point of order.

LCA Secretary Peter Mason added, “It’s so worrying – they’ve never gone absent before. It just wasn’t what we’ve come to expect. I didn’t even need to threaten resigning.”

In the absence of the Awkward Squad it was indeed a subdued meeting. No motions to argue over. No unconstitutional proposals from the floor. No votes. No procedural wrangling. No waving (or waiving) of the Constitution. No raised voices. The officers’ reports received with barely a murmur.

No fun at all.

Reporter: Lumpy Kustud

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