Limeys go to MoTown

4 November 2015
Limewood went to MoTown on 4 November to face the team that is probably their biggest challenge of the season – top-of-table, promotion-chasing Moortown B – average grade 130.

Philip May 02

With 4 of us facing grade differences of 40 points or more it was always going to be difficult. Yet we managed to come away with a point. Paul brought off a draw at Board 1 but the shock result of the evening was at Board 2 where Philip (grade 100) was facing Karim Khan (141).

Refusing to countenance defeat, Philip went into trench warfare mode, digging in behind barbed wire entanglements and daring the enemy to come and get him. It worked. Eventually his opponent accepted that hand-to-hand fighting would be too much of a high-risk strategy and he agreed a cease-fire.