Limewood’s Top Dog is Badger

4 November 2020

Seven members of Limewood joined 14 players from Alwoodley, Rose Forgrove and University tonight in another hectic online evening of (almost) non-stop blitz chess.

Limewood’s Top Dog was Badger003, aka Michael Carrigan, who scored 3 wins and a draw from his 6 games. (The draw was against his big brother Ian.)

Some people find it difficult to tell the 3 Carrigan brothers apart. It’s not difficult: Badger is the one with the black-and-white stripey face.

Michael edged out Paul May for Limewood’s top place on tie-break criteria. Paul also had 3 wins and a draw.

Holi was in 3rd position, which sounds like he was playing a violin, but he wasn’t fiddling around – his 3 wins included checkmating Paul in 40 moves with over 1½ minutes to spare. You can play through that game at:

On the tournament as a whole, Limewood’s performance was somewhat under par with none of our contingent finishing in the top three. Or the next three. Better luck next week, perhaps, when the circus comes to town again.