Limewood storm Rapidplay Championships

1 November 2015
Maybe we exaggerate just a little.
BritishRapidplay Intermediates
Four Limewood members entered the lists at the British Rapidplay Championships, held at Leeds Beckett University over the weekend of 30 October-1 November.

Paul May 02

‘Fischer’ time controls were introduced in place of the straight 30 minutes per player used last year (see our last year’s report). There is a basic 20 minutes each with an extra 10 seconds added on each time a move is made. Theoretically, if both players move fast enough, a game could go on indefinitely, though the arbiters have power to call ‘time’.

Paul, playing in the Intermediate, got off to a good start on Saturday, when play did not start till the afternoon, with 4 points from his 6 games. But on Sunday, when play started in the morning, he was only able to add 1½ to the tally, making 5½. Living up to his initials of ‘PM’, he is clearly not a morning person.

Philip May 01

Philip, in the Minor, also scored 5½. Being in the lower half of the grade order this gave hopes that he could be in line for a grading prize. Alas, it was a case of ‘nearly but not quite’.

Steve Hodgson 03

Steve was the lowest graded player in the tournament – his first chess congress. So he has every reason to be pleased with his performance – a win and 2 draws against higher-graded players. A full-point bye (from that infuriating situation of having to sit out a round because there are odd numbers) took his score to a very respectable 3.

Alan was less pleased with his result: 1 ‘good’ win, 1 lucky win, 2 scrambled draws, the dreaded full-point bye and too many games lost through carelessness. Same score as last year.
BritishRapidplay Minors 1     BritishRapidplay Minors 2

Overall there were around 250 players in the championships. It is a well-run event at a good venue (Leeds Beckett Uni) with catering at student prices only a minute’s walk away from the main hall. We hope to be there again next year – aiming for better results. Hope springs eternal.