Limewood draw match but win on games

16 December 2015
Limewood’s Mini 2 team brought something back from all three games in their Mini League match against Rose Forgrove M4 – a win and 2 draws. So in terms of hard results, we won by 2 to 1. But this was one of the few occasions where the grading handicap system used in the Mini League actually works against us. When the team grades were totalled, the handicap points fell 1½ to our opponents and only ½ to us. So the official match result is a draw: 2½:2½.

Our win was from Steve Hodgson at Board 3. Our draws were from Paul M and Andrew Pollard at Boards 1 and 2.

Limewood M2 now share 2nd place at the top of the Mini League table with the team they against played tonight, Rose Forgrove M4.

Our other team, Limewood M1, had no match to play as they were notionally drawn against the non-existent Moorland M1 and so collect 3½ points just for showing willing.