8 November 2017

Our teams were all playing leapfrog tonight.

Team B consolidated their mid-table position in Division 3 with a good win against Rose Forgrove F, who they will leapfrog in the table as a result.

The team brought home wins from Chris Tatham, Philip May and John Light and a draw from Paul Masiak (playing his second game for Limewood).  Admittedly the team outgraded their opponents at most boards but it was reassuring that there was no slip-up.

Team C had a tougher assignment against a Leeds C team that was headed by a 153-grader.  Here our stars were Barry Fulthorpe and Bela Lugosi (playing his 3rd game for the club) who each pulled out a  draw against an opponent some 40 points or so higher.  Great performance Barry and Bela!  Sadly, that could not save the team losing the match 4 – 1 and being leapfrogged in the table by their opponents.

Up in Division 2, our A Team were facing Leeds B.  The top 4 boards were quite well-matched gradewise, so it was anyone’s guess who would come out on top.  (The only major grade disparity was at Board 5 where Bob Maltby had a fairly easy task against a relative novice.)

In the event, Tom Leah and Paul Johnson both achieved draws at the top two boards but losses further along the line gave a narrow victory to Leeds C by 3 points to 2.  This result probably meams that Team A’s nearest rivals, Rose Forgrove B will leapfrog them to occupy top spot in Division 2.  But, given their newly-promoted status, the team can still feel pretty happy about their overall performance to date.