Last round of the ‘Individuals’

23 May 2018

Tonight was the 5th and final round of this season’s Ellis and Appleby competitions for individual players.

No fewer than 9 Limewood members have taken part in the competition –  a commendably high proportion of the 34 entrants.  Overall Philip May has been our best performer in the series with a total of 3 wins from a possible 5.

This final round produced a win in the Ellis tournament for Paul May against John ‘Flying Saucers’ Brooke.

In the Appleby, Steve Hodgson managed a draw but it was Phil Higgins who achieved the only win of the evening by a Limewood member.

This was Phil Higgins’s last game before he takes a rest from chess to pursue other interests, so it was fitting that he ended his season with a win.  Over the past year he has played 20 games for the the Club and in the ‘Appleby’.  At Board 1 in Team C he has faced a tough array of opponents, most of them graded at least 20 points higher, but his victory against Ian Strickland was a particular highlight and one that will be long remembered in the Club. Phil departs with our good wishes and our hope that he will return to play for us again one day.