Last League matches of the season

20 April 2017

With promotion already confirmed for Limewood’s Team A there was little at stake in our final League matches of the season.

Team A, at home in the Fox and Grapes, should have had no great problem against lower-mid-table Rose Forgrove E. Forgrove’s team thought differently and came within a few ticks of the chess clock to drawing the match. The final score, though, was a win for Limewood A by 3½ to 1½. This brought their season’s tally to:  played 15, won 9, drawn 4, lost 2.

Anorak Corner – Team A
Team A fielded 13 players during the season.
John Light clocked up the greatest number of appearances (12), followed by Paul May, Chris Tatham and Bob Maltby with 10 games each (ignoring byes).

Top scorer for the team was Bob Maltby with 8 points.
8 points were also won by the invisible player known as “Bye” when opposing players (or a complete team in one instance) failed to materialise.
With 46 game points from the 75 scheduled games, the team turned in a success rate of 61%.

Team B were away to unbeaten top-of-table Rose Forgrove D, whose bottom board was higher-graded than our top board.  No surprise then that the result was a whitewash – only the second suffered by Team B this season. What was surprising was to hear our opponents comment that the result ought to have been 3 : 2.  Apparently we had winning positions at Boards 3 and 5 but let them slip away.  But that’s chess.

Anorak Corner – Team B
Team B fielded 13 players during the season (same number as Team A).
Greatest number of appearances (ignoring byes) were clocked up by Steve Hodgson, Barry Fulthorpe and Alan Riddle with 11 or 12 apiece.

Top scorer for the team was Steve Hodgson with 4½ points followed by Barry Fulthorpe (4).
With 17½ game points from the 75 scheduled games, the team turned in a success rate of 23%.

The remaining LCA fixture for our members is final of the Ellis and Appleby ‘individuals’ competitions on 10 May.  7 of our members are involved.  After 4 rounds our pack-leader is Philip May with 2½ points.

After that it’s Limewood’s summer clubnights, starting wth the Club Championship Blitz evening on 31 May.  A time handicap system will ensure that everyone has a fair chance of winning, whatever their official grade.