Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh!

17 March 2021

Reported by our Celtic correspondent Dim Parcio

Dia dhaoibh!

Dim Parcio speaking, greeting you on this auspicious St Patrick’s Day.

Yes, I know I’m not Irish but I am from the Celtic Fringe and from the summit of Yr Wyddfa (that’s Snowdon to you saesnegs) on a very clear day I can just see Ireland in the far distance, which you can’t do in Yorkshire. That makes me the resident expert on anything to do with the Emerald Isle.

So, tonight was a St Patrick’s Spectacular – the 5th and penultimate round of the Alwoodley & Friends Rapidplay Tournament.

Appropriately the best Limewood performers were the Carrigan brothers, Ian and Mick. They are the proud bearers of a surname can be traced far back to the Fir Manach area of Cúige Uladh.

They were the only Limewooders to gain a majority of points from the games they played. Ian won both his games, giving him the full 2 points from the evening. Mick won one and drew one, earning him 1½ points. Comhghairdeas! Fainne oir ort!

Their success tightens the race for top Limewood position in the tournament. With only one more round to go and 2 points up for grabs, the situation for Limewooders is:

  1. Paul May: 7 points
  2. Paul Johnson: 6½
  3. Ian Carrigan: 6
  4. Mick Carrigan: 5½

The final round will be on Wednesday 31 March, which doesn’t seem to be St Anybody’s Day.

Oíche mhaith agus codladh sámh!