Kings of the Hill

4 August 2010

The ECF new grades for the coming season 2020-21 are out.

Of the 21 members who played 5 or more standard OTB games for the club in the 2019-20 season, just 2 emerge with an increased grade. But they do so with style and panache:

Paul Smith has increased his grade by a whopping 14 points, rising from 45 to 59, a timely reward for the form he has shown over the past year.
Steve Hodgson has pushed his rating up by 5 points from 88 to 93 – again well-earned reward for persistence and dedication.

Photo of Paul Smith
Paul Smith, Limewood Blitz Champion 2019
Photo of Steve Hodgson
Steve Hodgson, Limewood Blitz Champion 2015

Heartest congratulations to both of them.

3 members managed to retain their old grade with no change: Howard Brears (126), John Grasham (133) and Ian Carrigan (110). Congratulations are due here too.

The remaining 16 players all suffer a reduced grade. It’s been a difficult year.

Our highest graded players (playing 5 or more standard games for the club) are:
Tom Brown – 181 (8 games)
Paul Johnson – 157 (12 games)
Paul May – 152 (19 games)

The ECF grades take in results from congresses and games in other leagues as well as Limewood games but the ECF LMS ( League Management System) site provides detail specifically for Limewood. The figures below show our most consistently successful regular players in the past year with the number of games played for the club and percentage success achieved:
John Grasham – 13 games, 73%
Chris Tatham – 10 games, 70%
Howard Brears – 8 games, 69%
Paul Smith – 10 games, 65%
Kevin Plaxton – 11 games, 59%
Sief Al Din Holi – 17 games, 56%
Paul Masiak – 10 games, 55%
Steve Hodgson – 13 games, 50%

Well played, everyone!

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