Kevin makes it 3-in-a-row

24 June 2020

There was a change of format tonight to give a longer game – 3 rounds of 30 minutes on the clock – which should have helped those of us whose brains no longer work at blitz speed.

It made no difference to Kevin Plaxton. He still won all 3 of his games, topping the scoreboard for the 3rd time in a row.

Tom Leah also won all his games but was pushed into 2nd place by tie-break criteria.

Now cue zither music for The Third Man. Paul Johnson took 3rd position for the 5th time in succession. Perhaps he’s auditioning to play Harry Lime in the stage version.

Online National Club Championships

This weekend: Limewood has entered a squad of 7 players in the online National Club Championships, which will be played on the Lichess platform. There are 5 rounds, starting:
Round 1: 1930 on Fri 26 June
Round 2: 1000 on Sat 27 June
Round 3: 1430 on Sat 27 June
Round 4: 1000 on Sun 28 June
Round 5: 1430 on Sun 28 June

Anyone can watch the games – here is the necessary info from the Organisers:
“Go to our section of the LMS:
“Click on the relevant section on the left of the screen (major, intermediate, minor) and select the relevant fixture and then the game you wish to watch. Alongside each player’s name there will be a small image (below highlighted) – click on this and the game will appear in a Lichess window. This will work for any game throughout the weekend. You do not need to be logged in to the LMS for this to work.

For those familiar with Lichess there are obviously other ways to watch games in progress (particularly through the ‘friends’ section) but this will enable people to view all games as they wish.”

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