Just what was in the coffee?

5 January 2020

Just what did Mrs May put in Paul’s coffee that morning?

It was day of the Hull Rapidplay Congress held, interestingly, at Hull.

22 hopefuls were lined up for the Major section. Grades ranged downwards from 1870. Ranked at number 14 a certain Paul May, rapidplay grade 1600.

After 4 rounds Paul was leading the field – the only player with 4 clear wins. On the way he had defeated the top-ranked player (a Peter Cloudsdale – who he?), the 3rd-ranked player (1780) and 2 guys graded in the upper 1600s.

In the fifth and final round he was matched against AFM Kevin Winter, rated at number 8, who had scored 3½ and was the only player who could leapfrog him into top place.

Paul only needed to draw the game to win the section.

He drew and was duly proclaimed the outright winner of the Major.

So just what was in Paul’s morning coffee that day? And can Team C have some for our next match? Please?