John Light wins 3rd Sylvan Games

29 August 2020

The Sylvan Games have gone online this year – for obvious reasons. The 2020 event was held on Saturday 29 August on the Lichess digital platform where social distancing is no problem and saving us all a trek to Alwoodley on a sweltering hot peak summer’s day. (Only joking with that last bit.)

The format this year was a 7 rounds Swiss with 10 minutes each on the clock, entry limited to those with ECF grades of 99 and under. It is organised and arbited by Alwoodley’s Sylvan Clarke. Sylvan himself has never called them the ‘Sylvan Games’ but what’s the alternative: the ” U100 God’s Own Country Allcomers Summer Blitz Swiss Online Congress”? UGOCASBSOC for short.

John Light

John Light was the clear winner of this year’s event, just as he was in the first Games back in 2018 and just as he has shone (no pun intended) at blitz and rapidplay over the years. Let no-one doubt John’s consistent skill at speed chess!

Philip May was placed second, losing only to John Light and Alwoodley’s Ivor Timmis. After one round Philip attempted to console his beaten opponent by commenting that back-to-back games sap the concentration. Which of course explains why Philip won all his remaining games.

Third place was taken by Ivor Timmis of Alwoodley. Well, Limewood didn’t want to monopolise the awards. Says Limewood’s 3rd entrant.

As in previous years the event was friendly and informal, only this time the chat (and plenty of it) was in the Lichess chatroom instead of face to face at Alwoodley. Requests for more such occasions were prominent.

Our thanks to Sylvan putting show on and managing it so well.

As we to press we see on the Lichess site that 28 November 2020 has been earmarked for a similar event. The People have been heard!

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