Inviting the neighbours round

28 October 2020

Alwoodley invited the neighbours around tonight for another fun evening and found themselves outnumbered: there were 10 players from Limewood, 9 from Alwoodley and 5 from Rose Forgrove.

Limewoods, Alwoods, Roses – quite a rustic-sounding gathering.

Limewood took 3 of the top 5 places in the online 6-round Swiss tournament.

Top of the heap was Tom Leah who won all 6 of his games.

Paul Johnson and Paul May took 4th and 5th places with 4 wins apiece, with Paul beating Paul on tiebreak criteria.

As last week there was a party-like atmosphere and to judge from the Chat panel a good time was had by all

Point was made in the Chat that with Leeds possibly in the top tier of lockdown by next week, this is a good opportunity for members of the different clubs to play each other. The more clubs who can join in the better – Sam Playford promised to try and get more University members involved next time.

Next tournament: next week! Wed 4 November at 7 pm.

Before then there are two other attractions this weekend. Sylvan Clarke’s tournament for the U100s (in old ECF coinage) is on Saturday at 12 noon. This slots neatly in between rounds 2 and 3 of the online Hull congress. So you can play in both events, as some players are already signed up to do.

U100 event:

Hull online congress: