In the Arjay Teashop

5 October 2016

The “Arjay” is a 2-stage knock-out competition run by the Leeds Chess Association. Teams that win in the preliminary round continue on to compete for the main Arjay Cup. Teams that lose in the preliminary round compete for the lesser Arjay Plate. If enough teams took part, maybe an Arjay Saucer as well. Or Sugarbowl. Or Teaspoon.

Today the club sent two 3-player teams into Arjay teashop. Our top team (Paul, Philip and John) were drawn against Rose Forgrove’s weakest team and duly emerged winners by 2:1 to continue in the main contest.

In contrast our junior team (Barry, Alan and Steve H – grades 84, 81 and 49 respectively) played Rose Forgrove’s top team – grades 176, 170 and 165. But the Forgrove trio did not have it all their own way. Our lads played well above their grade and all three games went into “extra time” – ie into the 15-minute quickplay finish. In fact Barry’s game was the last game (out of 9 in the room) to finish.

Steve H came tantalisingly close to scoring. Some beautifully thought-out moves put Clive Davies into difficulty and Steve was able to make a serious offer of a draw. (Grade 49 offers draw to grade 165!) But after much thought Clive was able to extricate himself and go on to win. Paul May has more to say about the game in his commentary on Paul’s Page (for members only) and the game can also be played through in our Instructive Games section (also for members only).

It was a grand effort all round but for our junior team it is “Goodbye Arjay Cup” and “Hello Arjay Plate”.