Happy New Ear

12 January 2022

Lumpy Kustud: Don’t you mean ‘New Year’?
Ed: No. I’m celebrating my new hearing aid.

Limewood A : draws the word

Our top 3 boards were pretty evenly matched against Rose Forgrove’s finest tonight. So it wasn’t all that remarkable that our trio of Pauls (Brencher, Johnson and May) all achieved draws.

Perhaps the most noteworthy result was that of John Grasham. Out-rated by 112 points, he also scored a draw in his game at board 5.

The final score was a narrow win for Forgrove by 3 points to 2.

Limewoods B and C: facing mountains

Teams B and C had mountains to climb.

Team B (playing Rose Forgrove C) were out-graded by an eye-watering 1,458 rating points, an average per board of 292.

Team C (playing Alwoodley B) were out-graded by an even more eye-watering 1,860 points, an average deficit of 372.

Yet both teams came away with a very creditable 1½ points each.

On Team B Bob Maltby (deficit 160 points) produced a win and Ian Carrigan (grade deficit 177) gained a draw.

For Team C, Lewis Carroll overcame a 212 point deficit to draw with Alwoodley grandee Paul Gelder. While John Light wiped out a 475 (!) deficit to win his game.

A great result for both teams against heavy odds.

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