Half-marks at the “Individuals”

10 May 2017

Our seven entrants in the Ellis and Appleby competitions were all present for the final round at Alwoodley on 10 May. Between them they scored 3 wins and a draw – half-marks.

Chris Tatham and Philip May were our top scorers over the 5 rounds, with 3 points apiece, followed by Barry Fulthorpe with 2½.

The wins by Steve Hodgson and Chris Tatham were noteworthy.

Steve was playing the very bright schoolboy Sam Playford (who beat Philip May at the Castle Chess congress only a few days earlier). Steve went a rook down and looked destined for defeat. But he kept his nerve and – well, play through the game yourself and see the beautifully choreographed surprise finish. Steve Hodgson v Sam Playford

Chris had the black pieces against another Chris – Alwoodley’s Chris Terrington. He was under early pressure from aggressive play by his opponent but, like Steve, kept his cool. Gradually he nullified White’s initial advantage and pulled ahead to win.  You can play through his game here:   Chris Terrington v Chris Tatham

A particular feature of both Steve’s and Chris’s games is the quality of their annotations which explain their thinking in clear language.  Chris also presents his games in pdf format as well as in pgn form.