Good night for some

1 December 2021

‘Twas a good night for Limewood’s A Team in Division 1. They were playing at home against Rose Forgrove B and comfortably outgraded them on boards 1 to 4. The result was a win for Limewood by 3½ to 1½. There were straight wins from Dan Hill, Eric Brodie and Paul May and a draw from Paul Brencher.

With the League leaders, Rose Forgrove A, losing to Moortown, the contest for the top position is wide open again. Forgrove A still lead the Division but only by a single point from Harrogate A. Limewood A are still in the race but there are tough teams needing to be beaten.

The night was not so good for our B and C teams. The B Team were playing 2nd-placed Leeds B whose ranks included a FIDE Master. Howard Brears scored a notable draw against him. Sadly, that was our B Team’s only score from the match.

Team C, facing Rose Forgrove D, scored an easy point at Board 5 where their opponents defaulted. Otherwise they were heavily outgraded so it was an achievement to bring something back from the games that were played. Duncan Stables (outgraded at Board 1 by 1548 to 1447) had a good game and gained a draw. David Halpin (hugely outgraded 1623 to 1173) held the lead for the latter part of his game but his opponent was able to force a draw by repetition.  The end result was that Forgrove won by 3 points to 2.

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