Good hair day

12 December 2018

It was the 1st round proper of the Arjay Cup competition.  [Lumpy K:  If this was the 1st round proper, what were the Arjay matches played back in October?  Were they improper?  Ed:  Don’t ask awkward questions.  That’s just the way it is!]

Our top team were playing away at West Leeds and the situation was a complete reversal of last week when our teams were heavily outgraded at almost every board.  This week it was Limewood who had the clear grade advantage and they took full advantage of it.

The result: Paul Johnson beat Zana Aziz; Paul May beat Ian ‘Sleeping Beauty‘ Strickland and Siefaldin Holi beat Steve ‘Moneybags‘ Burton.

So a clean 3-nil victory and Limewood 1 sail serenely on to the next round of the Arjay Cup.