21 October 2017

Limewood & Scarcroft

Limewood & Scarcroft

In the 3rd round of the Scarborough congress in October 2017 two Limewood members were pitched against each other. Their battle is recorded here. The game is annotated by both players, with technical input from Fritz and Lichess and ringside comment from Lumpy Kustud.

Philip: This is the third graded game that I have played with fellow Limey Alan, so far I have held the point, but what will this game bring?

Alan: I didn't have much expectation from this game against Philip May - there was just no way I would ever beat the wily old fox.

Lumpy Kustud: Hey! We'll have none of that ageist language here if you don't mind - look who's talking anyway.
LiChess evaluation:
White (93): 9 Inaccuracies ; 9 Mistakes ; 2 Blunders; Average centipawn loss: 63
Black (82): 7 Inaccuracies ; 8 Mistakes ; 1 Blunder ; Average centipawn loss: 45

Lumpy Kustud: These guys should go a long way.

You can download this game's pgn file here

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