10 May 2017

Limewood & Scarcroft

Sam Playford (95)
Rose Forgrove

Annotated by SH

Steve H says
"This was my 5th game against a rising young star of the Leeds chess scene and a well-respected player at this level.

The game was fairly even for the first 30 moves, especially once I got my knight into play, and my opponent was under time pressure. I thought I had forced a free pawn but made a basic blunder which cost me a rook.

When my opponent made the 35-move time control I considered resigning but elected to play on and threw everything into attack. I was able to produce a nice mating pattern which my opponent hadn't seen, while he was only one move from mating me.

"So, don't give up a game - you never know what can happen. Even if the odds are against you, have a plan and try it - if you've made a mistake then your opponent might too!"

You can download this game's pgn file here

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