17 Feb 2016

Dave Aldous

Andy's commentary

My opponent played the Scandinavian defence against me which I usually don't find too troubling an opening as long as I don't try and hang on to the exd pawn if he doesn't recapture with his queen (which he didn't). Nonetheless 6.Nd4 was a poor option to exchange off his light squared bishop (my plan) which went on to be a bit of a monster for the next 13 moves or so. The problem with 6 Nd4 was that I simply lost 2 tempi after retreating the same knight back to f3 after he played Bc5, giving him a lead in development and the initiative. Fritz preferred 6.d4 and I think I do too with possible ideas of Bd3 and swapping off the light squared bishops.

10 ...Nb4 caused me a number of positional problems which I spent the next few moves arranging my queenside to deal with. He retreated his knight after 15. Bc3 which I felt was a bit weak as he could have played ...a5 or ...Nf6 (heading to e4) where he would have maintained considerable pressure.

Fortunately for me, he got greedy after 19. Bd3 where he really needed to retreat his knight, allowing me to finally bag the light squared bishop. Instead he played 19...Qc6 - a piece-losing blunder to 20 Ne5! forking the queen and bishop whilst the knight was skewered.

From then on it was a fairly straightforward to grind out a won position establishing a passed pawn on d5 which gave me the excellent e6 square for my minor pieces. To help he also blundered an exchange by allowing 28. Be6.

My ending was pretty imprecise but I had a completely crushing attack and material advantage (as well as an extra 45 minutes on the clock over him), nonetheless I missed 42. Qc3 which led to a nice mate in 8 as well as 45. Ne4 which was Mate in 1 (ooops).

I blundered a Knight during the final King chase which was more a warning about rash play rather than a danger to the game as there was no way I was not winning by this point. A good game, against a player who it turns out was rated 35 points higher than myself, hopefully that means my rating goes up a bit :).


You can download the PGN file for this game here

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