18 Mar 2015

Tony Bynnersley
West London

The Jersey event stretched over several days and comprised just 2 sections: the Open, with prize money totalling £3,300, and the "Holiday Tournament" with prize money of £1,150. There was also a 1-section Blitz (5 minutes) tournament one evening, again with some worthwhile prize money.

Of the 24 players in the Open, 17 were titled (ie GM, IM, IWM, FM, etc.). They came from an assortment of countries: Poland, Czech, Lithuania, Uzbek, Hungary, Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden, Scotland and Jersey. Mark Hebden was the highest-graded English player, ranking 6th in terms of grade. He won the Blitz with 9 out of 9 wins but could only manage 4th prize in the Open. The winner was Jahongir Vakhidov of Uzbekistan.

Playing in the same room as all this talent were us plebs of the 7-round Holiday Tournament (grades up to about 160 ECF). I was the lowest-graded adult by quite a margin. There was also a small squad of very bright local Juniors (aged around 11-13), who earned a great deal of respect.

My result? I won 2 games in the Holiday event and lost every game in the Blitz.


You can download the PGN file for this game here

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