Four teams in action

10 October 2018

It was the first outing of the season for the complete set of our 4 teams in the main 5-player league – only Team B had been given a preliminary canter a couple of weeks ago.

Team A were making their first ever appearance in Division 1. Tom Leah at to board won against his Copperworks A opponent while Paul May and Steve Whitehead got half-points each at boards 3 and 4. But the end result was a narrow defeat by 3 points to 2.

Newly-promoted Team B were playing the Copperworks B team in Division 2. Here too it was a narrow defeat by 3 points to 2 despite wins from Chris Tatham and Howard Brears.

It could be tough going for our top two teams this year.

No such problem in Division 3 where Limewood took all 5 points. But that could be ‘cos our C Team and brand-new D Team were both playing each other. We couldn’t lose, really.