Footling problem for Barry

14 November 2018

One of the club’s steadfast foot soldiers, fitness enthusiast Barry Fulthorpe, has been laid low – temporarily – by a problem with his foot. The solution has involved the driving of steel pins down each of of his toes (Children, don’t try this at home!) and will no doubt involve extracting them once they have done their job.  (Barry says this won’t mean another full-scale operation – they will simply PULL them out!  Yikes, oh yikes!)  And surplus bone has  been removed by something resembling a mechanical potato peeler.

To get around. Barry is having to use crutches and maybe borrowing a neighbour’s mobility scooter.  No footie for a while.  And don’t mention Hopalong Cassidy.

We send Barry our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

So, Barry, just put your best foot forward – as long as it doesn’t result in you falling flat on your ****.

Which brings us to news of this week’s Rapidplay and Mini League matches.
No problem in round 2 of the Rapidplay where Limewood stormed to a 6 – 0 victory over an Alwoodley team.  Tom Leah and Paul May each won their pair of games but Robert Moneagle had the easiest run.  He faced an unseen phantom nobody – was it was an apparition lingering from Hallowe’en?  Or was it a ghostly Elvis?

In the Mini League, our M1 team were heavily outgraded and emerged with only their handicap points to show for it.  Our M2 team had a win from captain Steve Hodgson but, with handicap points being evenly shared, still ended with the same 3:2 deficit as their M1 clubmates.

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