First Mini & Rapid Rounds

20 October 2021

First rounds of the Mini and Rapid competitions were held tonight.

In the Mini league, Limewood beat Alwoodley by 3 points to 2. In the Rapids, Limewood drew 3-3 with Leeds University. Both were good results.

Mini League

The Mini League, for teams of 3, is unique in the Leeds leagues in using a handicapping system. Two handicap points are shared between the 2 teams according to the difference in the total gradings of their players. Tonight the Alwoodley heavily outgraded Limewood and the handicap points were split: 1½ to Limewood, ½ to Alwoodley. Thus Limewood only needed to win one game to draw the match, or a win and a draw to win the match.

At Board 2, Steve Hodgson brought home the draw that was needed to give us a chance of winning the match. He was playing the distinctly higher-graded Paul Hardy (1398 v 1555 or 93 v 114 in old money), so this was an excellent result. It was specially pleasing to Steve as he had played and lost to Paul Hardy only the previous week.

Then at Board 1 after a log and hard-fought battle, team captain John Grasham brought home the win needed to give Limewood the match. Another great game.

Rapid League

In the Rapids, players have 30 minutes apiece (or 25 mins plus 10 secs per move if digital clocks available). Players have 2 games against the same opponent, changing colours for the second game.

At Board 1, Paul May won both his games against a strong University opponent, Jonathan Figy. These were noteworthy games and Paul will have more to say about them in his Captain’s Blog (for Limewood members only).

At Board 3, Bob Maltby gained 2 draws against his somewhat higher-graded University opponent, Sam Playford. Various Limewood members will remember playing against Sam when he was still a schoolboy studying for his GCSEs. Again these were good results.

The overall result of the match was thus a draw, 3 points each.

Scarborough Congress

The popular Scarborough Congress returns in its traditional over-the-board form at Scarborough’s Spa Centre on 29-31 October.

Limewood will be well-represented. A trio of Pauls – Paul May, Paul Brencher and Paul Johnson – have entered for the Open. And John Grasham is competing in the Intermediate (for players ranked under 1701). We wish them all a successful weekend.

For our report on the last Scarbrorough congress before Lockdown see Wet Wet Wet

For a drier Scarborough congress see Scarborough Fair

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