Feel the Love

17 February 2021

This being St Valentine’s Week, everyone wanted to be specially nice to their opponents.

So, by common consent, no-one would be trampled ruthlessly into the ground. Instead, losers would merely have their noses gently and affectionately rubbed in the mire. You could indeed feel the love. Just as St Valentine would have wished.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, every player generously showed their willingness to share their game points with their opponent, whether it be 1-1, 1½-½ or 2-0.

It was Round 3 of the ‘Alwoodley & Friends’ online rapidplay tournament, with 26 players on the list, 7 of them from Limewood. Each of the 13 boards hosted 2 games, with the players changing ends, so to speak, at half-time.

At the end of play, Paul Johnson shares second place in the tournament rankings list with 4½ points out of a possible 6.

Sharing 4th place with 4 points each are Paul May, Ian Carrigan and Mick Carrigan. Again, note the seasonable emphasis on sharing. So sweet!

Two rounds still to go and everything to play for.

Round 4 is on 3 March when Valentine’s Day cuddliness will have been left far behind and the carnivores have sharpened their teeth again. Take care!

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