End of term approaches

12 April 2017

The end of season approaches and end of term reports are already being drafted. For Limewood’s A and B teams in the main league the reports can be pretty well be finalised now.  With only one more league game to go there is such distance between each of the 6 teams that the final matches can make no difference to any of the positions in the league table.

For Limewood that means Team A stay at no 2 in a guaranteed promotion spot.  While Team B stay rooted at the bottom of table.  The only question still to be answered is whether or not Team B will still have zero match points after the final game.  They will be playing the top team in the division.  Place your bets now.

So what happened this week?

Team A were playing fellow-promotees and top-of-the-division Rose Forgrove D, so a tough battle was to be expected.  The scoresheet starts off promisingly with our top boards winning.  The snag was that their success didn’t extend far enough down the list and we lost the match by 3 points to 2.

Team B were entertaining Pudsey B.  Pudsey’s A team must be overflowing with talent because they felt able to send a pair of 150+ graders slumming it  to play against the bottom team in the entire league.  They also sent a 129-grader but he didn’t turn up.  We were seriously outgraded but the entire team played with spirit  and produced some lively chess.  The final score was 1½ to 3½ against us, our 1½ points coming from the default and one draw.