Drawing together

30 November 2016

It was Round 2 of the Mini League and our two 3-player teams were pitched against the other two teams at the top of the Mini league table.  The result:  both matches ended in a draw.  In both cases the handicap points gave us a 1½ to ½ leg-up to compensate for being significantly outgraded.  Winning 1 of the 3 games in each match then gave us the final scorelines of 2½ : 2½.

Paul May was the club’s winner in our No 1 team’s contest against West Leeds.

In the No 2 team match, the most interesting game was John Light’s against Paul Howden who is graded a mere 59 points higher. John put up a strong fight but was unable to provide a major form upset.

Will Limewood M2 keep its place at the top of the Mini league table?  Will Limewood M1 retain 3rd position?  The top four teams, having drawn, all stay the same in relation to each other but some or all of them could have been leapfrogged by other teams when the results are all shown on Chessnuts (http://www.chessnuts.org.uk/ny5/).

LATE NEWS: Limewood M2 keeps its place at the top of the Mini League and our M1 team is still in 3rd place.