Draw, draw, win

16 February 2022

It was 2 draws and a win for our three teams tonight.

Up in Division 1, our top team faced the league leaders, Harrogate A. Well, Harrogate were league leaders at the start of the evening but not by the end. (They were pushed narrowly into 2nd place by Moortown A who had a walkover against a currently defunct Pudsey.)

Limewood played strongly despite being easily out-graded at every board. Dan Hill scored a notable triumph over boy-wonder Mate Ther and there were uphill draws from Paul Anderson, Richard Sanger and Rob Lockwood. The result was a very welcome and well-earned drawn match, 2½ all.

In Division 2, our Team B also secured a draw against a team from the top end of the Division – Leeds University B – despite playing a board short. Bob Maltby and Duncan Stables both had good wins and at board 1 John Grasham gained a draw against the Uni captain Sam Playford.

Our won match came from Team C, playing Rose Forgrove C. Our 2 wins in that match came from our very newest members, playing their very first match for the club: the brothers Rojus (Roy) and Titas (Titus) Lukauskas. Congratulations to both of them.

The remaining point, to win the match, came from a Forgrove default at board 1.

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