Diwali matches

3 November 2021

It is Diwali, the festival of lights, this week. And so our players were filled even more than usual with the spirit of peace and goodwill to all. Even to our opponents.

There was an early rumour that one of our players was so carried away by the Diwali sprit that he actually bought a drink for his opponent but this was quickly denied as carrying goodwill too far. He had merely thought about it.

Our Rapid team, playing at Rose Forgrove, were clearly in festive mood. Holi and Paul May both scored max points from their games, giving Limewood a win by 4 points to 2.

Our Mini League players were more charitable, in keeping with the festival spirit. They selflessly shared the handicap points equally with West Leeds and graciously allowed them 2 of the 3 game points. John Grasham took the remaining game point for Limewood. The final acore was 3 points to West Leeds and 2 points to Limewood.

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