“Default, Dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in our opponents …..”

It was a rewarding evening, pointwise, for our teams in the 3rd round in the Mini League tonight. Both teams benefited from a default at Board 3 from the Rose Forgrove opponents.

Our M2 team (John Grasham, Chris Tatham and Steve Hodgson) swept the board in their match against Rose Forgrove M1. John and Chris both won their games at Boards 1 and 2 and Steve collected the default point caused by a no-show at Board 3. Under the Mini League rules, Forgrove forfeited their 1½ handicap points while Limewood kept theirs, making the final score 3½ – 0 in Limewood’s favour.

Team M2 stand at the top of the Mini League, with10 game points, ahead of their nearest rival, Leeds M1, on 8½.

Team M1 won their match by 2½ points to 2 against Rose Forgrove M4. In contrast to our M2 team they lost both games that were actually played, being outgraded by around 50 points on both boards 1 and 2. But the Forgrove team, like their clubmates, defaulted by a no-show on Board 3. Result: Forgrove keep their 2 game points but nothing else. Limewood gain their Board 3 default point and keep their 1½ handicap points. Total 2½.

Thus Limewood M1 are in the strange position of losing all games actually played yet winning the match.

I was a torrid night for our hitherto successful Rapidplay team facing Forgrove R1. No defaults here. They were heavily outgraded at all boards and lost 6 – 0. Still they remain part of the pack of 4 teams on 4 points chasing the the league leaders Moortown R1 on 6.

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