26 June 2020Round 1 of the National Clubs Championships reviewed by Lumpy Kustud When our top-board player Paul Johnson saw the draw for Limewood team in round 1 of the online National Clubs Championships, he was taken aback to find he was pitched against Grand Master John Nunn – just a shade nunn-plussed in fact…. Continue reading »

Wet, wet, wet

Wet, wet, wet<a name="gotop"></a>

Scarborough Chess Congress reviewed by Lumpy Kustud and our Welsh reporter Dim Parcio 27 October 2019 Lumpy Kustud: This year the Scarborough Chess Congress coincided with the Scarborough Rain Festival. Yes, it was wet, wet, wet. Hey, that’s a catchy little phrase! I might copyright it. Dim Parcio: Think you’ll find some Scots have got… Continue reading »

Lost – gone missing

3 June 2019 Fears were expressed tonight for the wellbeing of members of the Awkward Squad. They were scheduled to attend the AGM of the Leeds Chess Association but unaccountably failed to appear. Fixtures Secretary Mike Bramson offered to organise a search party. Chairman Ian Strickland said, “I don’t understand it – I didn’t have… Continue reading »

Sex at the County Championships

21 April 2019 Extract from newsletter to ECF Silver members sent by the Silver Members’ reps on the ECF Finance Council: “……….  there is a proposal, from the Director of Women’s Chess, that teams in the County Championship Open section must include one female player.  The player would not be required to satisfy the eligibility… Continue reading »

Preview of the 2020 British Chess Championships

1 April 2019 Organisations such as the ECF have to plan their flagship events well ahead.  Which is why, with enrolment for this year’s British Championships now under way, ECF has just unveiled its plans for next year. The theme is one of change in order to meet the challenges of the coming years as… Continue reading »

Blackpool Congress 2019

Blackpool Congress 2019<a name="gotop"></a>

reviewed by Lumpy Kustud and Dim Parcio 10 March 2019 Lumpy Kustud:   Ah, Blackpool!  The annual pilgrimage!  The ritual of a weekend on the Lancashire Riviera in March with the rain bucketing down, the Mistral howling along the Promenade fit to blow you over and the sea-spray enough to go pit-pat-splosh-CRASH against the windows… Continue reading »


reviewed by Lumpy Kustud 31 October 2018 It was Hallowe’en and all manner of unearthly creatures emerged into the half-light to take part in a grim annual conflict that will continue for half the year. Yes, it was the first round of the gruesome ‘Individuals’ torments tournaments  – the Ellis and Appleby competitions. As these… Continue reading »

British Championships at Hull 2018

British Championships at Hull 2018<a name="gotop"></a>

reviewed by Lumpy Kustud 5 August 2018Photo by Roger Noble for BCC, nicked unashamedly from the BCC website This year’s British Chess Championships were held in Hull. What is it about the Leeds League clubs and the British Championships when the latter comes home to Yorkshire? Limewood fielded four entrants flying under the Limewood flag… Continue reading »