Happy New Ear

Happy New Ear<a name="gotop"></a>

12 January 2022 Lumpy Kustud: Don’t you mean ‘New Year’?Ed: No. I’m celebrating my new hearing aid. Limewood A : draws the word Our top 3 boards were pretty evenly matched against Rose Forgrove’s finest tonight. So it wasn’t all that remarkable that our trio of Pauls (Brencher, Johnson and May) all achieved draws. Perhaps… Continue reading »

Xmas Knockout

15 December 2021 The Arjay Trophy is a knockout competition for teams of 3 from Leeds clubs. The Preliminary Round is the means by which the number of teams is reduced to a number that fits knockout arithmetic: such as 32, 16, 8 or 4. Limewood has entered 2 teams. This year there are 18… Continue reading »

Teams B & C in festive mood

8 December 2021 Limewood won 9 of its 15 games in tonight’s matches. Our B and C Teams were in festive mood, both of them beating their oponents by 3½ to 1½. Team A had a rougher time, though, losing narrowly by 3 points to 2. Team A faced strong opponents in Moortown A but… Continue reading »

Good night for some

1 December 2021 ‘Twas a good night for Limewood’s A Team in Division 1. They were playing at home against Rose Forgrove B and comfortably outgraded them on boards 1 to 4. The result was a win for Limewood by 3½ to 1½. There were straight wins from Dan Hill, Eric Brodie and Paul May… Continue reading »

Team A keep up the pressure

24 November 2021 Team A continues to prosper in Division 1. Their win tonight against Alwoodley A strengthens their position i the top half of the Division. At the top, Rose Forgrove A have put clear water between themselves and their challengers, having won all 6 rounds so far. But Limewood A are only 2… Continue reading »

3 – 2 ; 3 – 2 ; 3 – 2

17 November 2021 3 – 2 ; 3 – 2 ; 3 – 2.   Yes, all 3 Limewood matches tonight ended up with a 3 – 2 scoreline.Sadly only one of them was in Limewood’s favour. That win was by our B Team, playing in Division 2, who had the edge on Alwoodley C…. Continue reading »

Diwali matches

Diwali matches<a name="gotop"></a>

3 November 2021 It is Diwali, the festival of lights, this week. And so our players were filled even more than usual with the spirit of peace and goodwill to all. Even to our opponents. There was an early rumour that one of our players was so carried away by the Diwali sprit that he… Continue reading »

Tough going

20 October 2021 It was a rough night for the 3 Limewood league teams. In only one game out of the 15 did the Limewoody player outgrade the opponent (leaving aside those games where one of both players were ungraded or had an estimated grade). In the circumstances the outcomes were quite pleasing: 2 players… Continue reading »