Kevin makes it 3-in-a-row

24 June 2020 There was a change of format tonight to give a longer game – 3 rounds of 30 minutes on the clock – which should have helped those of us whose brains no longer work at blitz speed. It made no difference to Kevin Plaxton. He still won all 3 of his games,… Continue reading »

Déjà vu

17 June 2020 Result of tonight’s online club competition: 1st: Kevin Plaxton2nd: Paul May3rd: Paul Johnson Do you get the feeling you’ve seen it already? That sense of déjà vu? If so, it’s not surprising ‘cos it’s the same as last week. First time it’s happened, though. And there was a difference: Kevin only won… Continue reading »

We must talk about Kevin

10 June 2020 The book by Lionel Shriver, ‘We must talk about Kevin‘ is the story of a school massacre. Our own Kevin Plaxton produced some lethal chess to effect a gentler kind of massacre in our club online competition tonght. He won all 5 of his games in fine style – 1 checkmate, 1… Continue reading »

Musical Chairs – the online version

3 June 2020 Our 6th online clubnight competition (6-round Swiss rapidplay) was held tonight and produced a new first-time champion: Tom Brown, who won all 6 of his games. In 2nd and 3rd place (separated by tie-break criteria) were two of our multitude of Pauls: Paul May and Paul Johnson with 4 points each. It… Continue reading »

Rolls Royce v Morris Minor

27 May 2020 A contest of classic brands: Rolls Royce on the one hand. And the iconic Morris Minor on the other, fresh out of its Limewood stable. It was a 12-board rapidplay match online with 25 minutes each player plus 10 secs per move. Each team member played the same opponent twice, once as… Continue reading »

Rolls Royce to play Limewood

Rolls Royce to play Limewood

20 May 2020 Paul May (pictured) won our 5-round rapidplay online tournament tonight He’s been in the top 3 in each clubnight event so far but this is the first time he’s taken the top slot. This week’s Honours Board: Paul May (4 points out of 5Kevin Plaxton (3½ points)Paul Johnson (3½ points) (Kevin gains… Continue reading »

New names on the Honours Board

13 May 2020 12 players took part in the 4th of our online clubnight Swiss competitions and 2 new names appeared on the Honours Board for the evening. Kevin Plaxton took 1st place, winning all 6 of his games. This was Kevin’s first appearance in the series and thus his first appearance on the (virtual)… Continue reading »

Limewood plays University

10 May 2020 Limewood played Leeds University online this afternoon. Or you might say ,the University played with Limewood as the students won by 14½ to 7½ – a success rating for Limewood of 34%. Still that’s an improvement on when we played Skegness. Then we scored 32%. Things are clearly getting better. The match… Continue reading »