Inviting the neighbours round

28 October 2020 Alwoodley invited the neighbours around tonight for another fun evening and found themselves outnumbered: there were 10 players from Limewood, 9 from Alwoodley and 5 from Rose Forgrove. Limewoods, Alwoods, Roses – quite a rustic-sounding gathering. Limewood took 3 of the top 5 places in the online 6-round Swiss tournament. Top of… Continue reading »

Tom Leah is Blitz Champion

7 October 2020 Tom Leah is the Limewood Blitz Champion for 2020. He took the title decisively by winning 8 of his 9 games, two more than his nearest rival. The contest was delayed from the spring by the Coronavirus pandemic. It now took place online using the LiChess platform’s Arena format. 5 minutes per… Continue reading »

Blitz Championship this Wednesday

3 October 2020 Info from Paul May: Just a reminder that our 6th annual blitz competition will be held this Wednesday on Lichess 7.30pm to 9pm (1½ hours). Each player will get 5 mins on the clock per game and the player with the most points will take home the trophy which was won last… Continue reading »


23 September 2020 A curtain-raiser – though given the fabled informal attire at online events, maybe that should be “undress rehearsal” – for the Limewood Blitz Championship was held tonight. It was 5 minutes on the clock per game and play as many games as you can inside the 2-hour limit. 11 or 12 games… Continue reading »

Our Blitz Championship goes online

16 September 2020 The 2020 Limewood Club Annual Blitz Championship will be held online on Wed 7 October 2020 starting at 7.30 pm. It will be held on the platform. The competition is normally held over-the-board earlier in the year but had to be postponed because of the Corona virus pandemic. It will now… Continue reading »

New rating system goes live

10 September 2020 The ECF’s new rating system has gone live. The new ratings have 4 digits instead of the old 3-digit grades. How do the old and new compare? To give examples: Old 80 has become 1300 Old 100 has become 1450 Old 120 has become 1600 Old 140 has become 1750 Old 160… Continue reading »

Victory: 60½ to 46½

Victory:  60½ to 46½

5 September 2020 I kid you not. We won by 60½ to 46½ in a 107-board match. (If games won by default are excluded, we still won by 52½ to 43½.) The event: The ECF online challenge match between North of England and The South, played on the platform on Sat 5 September: time… Continue reading »

John Light wins 3rd Sylvan Games

29 August 2020 The Sylvan Games have gone online this year – for obvious reasons. The 2020 event was held on Saturday 29 August on the Lichess digital platform where social distancing is no problem and saving us all a trek to Alwoodley on a sweltering hot peak summer’s day. (Only joking with that last… Continue reading »