Our Blitz Championship goes online

16 September 2020 The 2020 Limewood Club Annual Blitz Championship will be held online on Wed 7 October 2020 starting at 7.30 pm. It will be held on the Lichess.org platform. The competition is normally held over-the-board earlier in the year but had to be postponed because of the Corona virus pandemic. It will now… Continue reading »

New rating system goes live

10 September 2020 The ECF’s new rating system has gone live. The new ratings have 4 digits instead of the old 3-digit grades. How do the old and new compare? To give examples: Old 80 has become 1300 Old 100 has become 1450 Old 120 has become 1600 Old 140 has become 1750 Old 160… Continue reading »

Victory: 60½ to 46½

Victory:  60½ to 46½

5 September 2020 I kid you not. We won by 60½ to 46½ in a 107-board match. (If games won by default are excluded, we still won by 52½ to 43½.) The event: The ECF online challenge match between North of England and The South, played on the Chess.com platform on Sat 5 September: time… Continue reading »

John Light wins 3rd Sylvan Games

29 August 2020 The Sylvan Games have gone online this year – for obvious reasons. The 2020 event was held on Saturday 29 August on the Lichess digital platform where social distancing is no problem and saving us all a trek to Alwoodley on a sweltering hot peak summer’s day. (Only joking with that last… Continue reading »

Online, on target

19 August 2020 It was online clubnight again tonight on Limewood’s Chess.com pitch. Hard-fought battles all round but the final winner was Paul May, who won all his games. He was followed on the podium by John Light, who won all but one of his games and then by Philip May. Congratulations to all three!

Filling the gap – Yorkshire chess

11 August 2020 Here is a message from Andrew Zigmond (andrewzig@hotmail.com), the Yorkshire CA League Controller, addressed to Yorkshire clubs and members. The email has been condensed somewhat to keep the focus on the main points. “Dear All “A few weeks ago, I began a consultation with Yorkshire clubs about whether the Yorkshire League could… Continue reading »

Quiet night

5 August 2010 It was a low-key clubnight tonight with just 3 rounds of blitz games. After umpteen appearances at 3rd place in the Honours Board, Paul Johnson at last made it to Top Spot by winning all 3 of his games. Philip May made his first appearance in Spot no 2 with 2 wins,… Continue reading »

Kings of the Hill

4 August 2010 The ECF new grades for the coming season 2020-21 are out. Of the 21 members who played 5 or more standard OTB games for the club in the 2019-20 season, just 2 emerge with an increased grade. But they do so with style and panache: Paul Smith has increased his grade by… Continue reading »