Four matches: 3 won, 1 drawn!

Four matches:  3 won, 1 drawn!<a name="gotop"></a>

27 February 2019 ‘Twas a satisfying night for the club:  4 teams in action – three of them winning by 3 games to 2 and one drawing 2½ all. Most interesting time was at Leeds University where Team D were playing the Univ B team.  To start with there was a mystery tour of the… Continue reading »

Limewood at Donny

Limewood at Donny<a name="gotop"></a>

24 February 2019 Five Limewood players found their way to the Doncaster Congress this weekend. Paul May, playing in the Major, went through the event unbeaten. His 2 wins and 3 draws ensured him a share of the Major grading prize. Siefaldin Holi was also in contention for a prize up to the final round… Continue reading »

Limewood into Arjay Semifinal

20 February 2019 Limewood has reached the semifinal of the Arjay Cup for the 3rd year in succession.  Tom Leah, Paul Johnson and Paul May (the same team make-up as last year) pushed aside the top team from Leeds club, with a win from Tom and draws from the two Pauls. The semifinal will take… Continue reading »

Win, draw, loss and a walkover

13 February 2019 It was one of each for the teams tonight. The C Team beat an evenly-matched Rose Forgrove E by 3 to 2, with wins from Howard Brears and Paul Masiak and draws from Matt Harris and Philip May. The A Team earned a draw against Forgrove’s B Team with a win from… Continue reading »

Barry puts the boot in

Barry puts the boot in<a name="gotop"></a>

6 February 2019 Mini League Barry Fulthorpe made a welcome return to form in his Mini League game tonight.  He beat an opponent graded some 26 points higher to give our M2 team, with handicap points, a draw against Leeds M2. Barry (aka Bigfoot) has recovered well from his condition at the British Rapidplays in… Continue reading »

Great evening – for 3 teams

31 January 2019 The good news was that our Team D had a runaway victory by 4 points to 1 with straight wins at Boards 1 to 3 for Ian Carrigan, Richard Jefferies and Steve Hodgson and draws at Boards 4 and 5 for David Hanover and Paul Smith. The bad news was that it… Continue reading »

January blues in the Appleby

23 January 2019 Round 2 of the Appleby competition (for individuals graded under 135) did not go well for Limewood members.  All but one were facing adverse grade gaps averaging over 30 points.  Just to add to problems, one member was held up by airline bad weather delays while flying back from the Continent and… Continue reading »

Ups and Downs

24 January 2019 The new January ECF grades have just been published on the ECF website ( And how have our players fared?  Some up, some down as you might expect.  And two unchanged. Leading the ‘UP’ pack is Paul Anderson with an increase of 8 points to 153. He is followed closely by Howard… Continue reading »