Morris Minor on track

29 July 2020 Limewood’s Morris Minor roared into action against Rolls Royce tonight with a hugely improved performance compared with their first encounter back in May. Limewood increased their success ratio by a massive 39%, adding 12 percentage points to their tally of points available. Rolls Royce still won, all the same. The final score,… Continue reading »

Leeds Chess Association meeting on Zoom

9 July 2020 A Leeds Chess Association meeting – a quasi-AGM – is to be held online via Zoom on Wed 15 July at 7 pm. THIS MEETING IS POSTPONED INDEFINITELY On 29 June the LCA Secretary wrote,”…. many officers and members want some sort of meeting to talk about the issues we are facing… Continue reading »

After the excitement

8 July 2020 After the excitement of last week’s scrum with Alwoodley and Rose Forgrove and of the National Clubs Championships it was back to an ordinary clubnight this evening. Some members must have been out celebrating the re-opening of pubs after lockdown as numbers were down a bit. But we still had a 3-round… Continue reading »

Pub brawl

Pub brawl

1 July 2020 It was like a pub brawl in the seedier parts of town – or maybe a video shoot-up – 34 members of the 3 leading clubs in Leeds all kettled together in one room and every one of them looking for a fight. They come at you one after another, doing their… Continue reading »



26 June 2020Round 1 of the National Clubs Championships reviewed by Lumpy Kustud When our top-board player Paul Johnson saw the draw for Limewood team in round 1 of the online National Clubs Championships, he was taken aback to find he was pitched against Grand Master John Nunn – just a shade nunn-plussed in fact…. Continue reading »

Online National Club Championships

28 June 2020 This weekend Limewood entered a squad of 7 players in the Minor section of the online National Club Championships, played on the Lichess platform. The 5 rounds with their results were: Round 1: 1930 on Fri 26 June:   Bude Surfers v Limewood:  4½ – 1½ Round 2: 1000 on Sat 27… Continue reading »

Kevin makes it 3-in-a-row

24 June 2020 There was a change of format tonight to give a longer game – 3 rounds of 30 minutes on the clock – which should have helped those of us whose brains no longer work at blitz speed. It made no difference to Kevin Plaxton. He still won all 3 of his games,… Continue reading »

Déjà vu

17 June 2020 Result of tonight’s online club competition: 1st: Kevin Plaxton2nd: Paul May3rd: Paul Johnson Do you get the feeling you’ve seen it already? That sense of déjà vu? If so, it’s not surprising ‘cos it’s the same as last week. First time it’s happened, though. And there was a difference: Kevin only won… Continue reading »