Philip May kisses Prime Minister

17 July 2016 Club members were thrilled to see pictures of Philip May splashed across all newspapers and TV screens as he kissed the new Prime Minister in Downing Street. What might this mean for the club – a swish new meeting place, perhaps? Drinks at No 10?  The possibilities are awesome. Eh? What’s that?… Continue reading »

Clubnight – and another new member!

Clubnight – and another new member!

22 June 2016 Clubnight on 22 June was arguably our most successful to date.  Despite the rival attractions of cricket, Euro 2016, Glastonbury, holidays and a fine summer solstice evening outdoors, 7 of us turned up for an evening of 20-minutes-a-side games. We were also able to welcome new member John Light.  Having played in… Continue reading »


25 May 2016 It was a champagne end to the season. Our M2 team finished in 2nd place in the Mini League with 17½ points, just one point behind the leaders and ahead of all 5 Rose Forgrove teams. Our M1 team, though still firmly rooted at the foot of the table (with just the… Continue reading »

Winsome, Lissome

16 May 2016 Win some, lose some – that was our little squad’s performance in the final round of the Ellis and Appleby Trophies. (If we had all won, it would naturally have been a purrrr-formance.) In the Ellis, Paul May was faced with Ian Hunter, graded some 21 points higher. Nevertheless he made life… Continue reading »

New member

11 May 2016 Tonight’s informal Clubmeet saw the first appearance of a new member:  Chris Tatham.  Chris was last active in club chess around the turn of the new Millennium but he soon showed that he still knows how to play.  His game against Steve Hodgson ended in an honorable draw but contained plenty of… Continue reading »

Major prize for Paul

8 May 2016 Congratulations to Paul May!  He won silver at the Calderdale Congress over the weekend 6-8 May.  Playing in the Major he scored 3 wins and 2 draws to finish as the clear second.  His last game was against the eventual winner.  Paul needed a win to gain 1st place   But his opponent… Continue reading »

Mixed fortunes at the ‘Ellis’ and ‘Appleby’

27 April 2016 Our quartet of entrants – Paul, Philip, Alan and Steve H – in the ‘Ellis’ and ‘Appleby’ competitions for individual players had a mixed bag of results on 27 April 2016.  The outcome was 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss – not a bad result overall though obviously a disappointment for… Continue reading »


20 April 2016 A lot depended on tonight’s match – the final one of the season in the main league.  It was the decider as to who came third in Division 3.  That is: who was to be the Top Loser who could brag that they only just missed out on promotion, and who would… Continue reading »