Minced Limewood

21 January 2015 We lost our match against Rose Forgrove E by 3½ to 1½. But it could have been worse – they might have fielded a full team. One of the games is now on the website – as a cautionary tale:   Game:  Steve Hodgson v Alan Hughes

Minced duck

14 January 2015 Another duck suffered at this week’s match – a Mini league contest between us and the Leeds 2nd Mini team. This time it was Steve Kelley’s duck that was made into an omelette. In his 4th game for the club, Steve beat Phil Higgins (no pushover he) to give us 2 wins… Continue reading »

Consistency is a virtue…….

7 January 2015 Consistency is a virtue – at least that’s what they told us at school. So we must be pretty good then. We played Alwoodley C for the second time this season and got exactly the same result both times. Paul drew at top board and the rest of us all lost. Score:… Continue reading »

We have lift-off

17 December 2014 Limewood is off the bottom of the Division 3 league table, thanks to our win over Leeds B in the last match before the Xmas break. We have 3 match points from 2 wins (less a 1-point penalty deduction). The Wooden Spoon position is now occupied by Leeds B. We beat the… Continue reading »

Double score

3 December 2014 Back on 19 November we were hammered 4½ to ½ by the Leeds A team. Yup, we only scored a measly half-point out of five. But 3 December saw a 100% improvement when we played Rose Forgrove F. We doubled our score from ½ to a full point. That’s real progress. Keep… Continue reading »


12 November 2014 Our roller-coaster pattern continued in our Mini League match against Rose Forgrove’s M3 team. We won 2 of the 3 games. And the 2 handicap points were split 1½ : ½ in our favour, making the overall match result 3½ : 1½ to us. ‘What are these handicap points?’, we hear you… Continue reading »


5 November 2014 It was down to earth with a bump on Guy Fawkes Night – just like a dud firework. We were playing Rose Forgrove’s ‘E’ team but were hit by two enforced withdrawals on the day. Paul achieved our only score – a draw against Rose Forgrove’s bright new boy Sam Kerr. The… Continue reading »

Rapidplay Championships 2014

Rapidplay Championships 2014

2 November 2014 Two Limewood members took part in the British Rapidplay Chess Championships which were held in Leeds over the first 2 days of November. The event is not the exclusive elitist event you might think. True there are a lot of topnotch players competing in the top sections. But the lower sections are… Continue reading »