Paul triumphs at Calderdale

12 June 2015 [Report adapted from the account by Dave Shapland on the Yorkshire Chess website – see link at foot of this item.] From 22 to 24 of May players gathered at the Lee Mount Club (the home of Halifax Chess Club) for the 2015 edition of the Calderdale Chess Congress. In the Major… Continue reading »

Season ends

27 May 2015 “This is the way the season ends Not with a win but a blunder.” As TS Eliot didn’t quite put it. It was distinctly fin-de-saison and off-form for our little band of warriors when they played Moortown in the Mini League on 27 May. At the end, all three fessed up to… Continue reading »

Target achieved

15 April 2015 Put up the flags! Let the bells ring out! We’ve hit our target, met our quota, fulfilled our norm, achieved our aims for our first season in the Leeds League. What was that ambition? Very simply: not to finish at the bottom of Division 3. And we’ve done it! Mind you, it… Continue reading »

Getting better

25 March 2015 It was a good night for our team in Division 3 with a clear win over Rose Forgrove E by 3½ to 1½. There were wins for us at boards 1 and 2 and Steve Kelly notched up his second score for the club with a draw at board 3. We also… Continue reading »

Mini win!

11 March 2015 We were outgraded at all three boards for our Mini League match against Leeds M1 – their grades totalled 402 compared with our 254. But Paul pulled off a notable success by recovering from a difficult situation to win in his game against Leeds’s Pete McCarron. Added to the two handicap points… Continue reading »

Bottom draw!

4 March 2015 In our previous home match we drew against a team at the top of the Division, Leeds A. This time we were fighting Leeds B for bottom place – or rather, to avoid it. The result: a draw and we remain one tiny step above Leeds B on goal difference. Paul duly… Continue reading »

Top draw!

11 February 2015 It was against the odds. We were playing the top team in the Division and held them to a draw! 2½ : 2½. A result to savour. At top board, Paul scraped to a win on time – by a matter of seconds. At board 5 Mark Robinson was playing his first… Continue reading »

Two Steves win tournament

Two Steves win tournament

4 February 2015 A gap in the schedule of league matches gave the opportunity for the Club to enjoy an informal evening with an all-play-all tournament. Games were 15 minutes for each player, except for Paul May. He is easily the strongest player in the Club and so was allowed only 5 minutes per game… Continue reading »