Quiet evening?

25 November 2010 Having occupied 2 of the 3 top places last week, Limewood members clearly decided to give the other clubs an easier time this week, providing only 3 of the contest’s 18 players. Result: you have to go quite a long way down the finishing list to find the first Limey. This event… Continue reading »



18 November 2020 Lichess on Wednesday – another mad bash for anyone from the Leeds clubs who wants to link up with Alwoodley for the evening. Tonight the format was 5 minutes apiece plus 10 sec increment. Surprisingly. perhaps, this gave more time to think than last week’s 10 minutes dead and some games lasted… Continue reading »

More thrills and spills

More thrills and spills

11 November 2020 Limewooders again made up a goodly proportion – 9 out of 24 – of the players taking part in the weekly online scrap between members from Limewood, Alwoodley, Leeds Univ and Rose Forgrove. For the 2nd week running we failed to make the top three but Paul May in 4th place just… Continue reading »

Limewood’s Top Dog is Badger

4 November 2020 Seven members of Limewood joined 14 players from Alwoodley, Rose Forgrove and University tonight in another hectic online evening of (almost) non-stop blitz chess. Limewood’s Top Dog was Badger003, aka Michael Carrigan, who scored 3 wins and a draw from his 6 games. (The draw was against his big brother Ian.) Some… Continue reading »

Something for the weekend

1 November 2020 There was plenty to occupy chess players this weekend – a full-blown 5-round Hull 4NCL congress and a less formal Saturday blitz event for U1450s (U100 in old grades) organised by Sylvan Clarke. Happily it was possible to take part in both events, as some players did. Hull 4NCL online – Fri… Continue reading »

Inviting the neighbours round

28 October 2020 Alwoodley invited the neighbours around tonight for another fun evening and found themselves outnumbered: there were 10 players from Limewood, 9 from Alwoodley and 5 from Rose Forgrove. Limewoods, Alwoods, Roses – quite a rustic-sounding gathering. Limewood took 3 of the top 5 places in the online 6-round Swiss tournament. Top of… Continue reading »

Swiss bun fight

21 October 2020 Limewood joined with Alwoodley for a Swiss bun fight tonight. 17 players sat down for a stand-up scrap – 7 from Limewood, 10 from Alwoodley. It was Alwoodley’s party, actually, and they invited us along for company. It was a Swiss 5-round tournament on Lichess, with 10 minutes on the clock and… Continue reading »

Tom Leah is Blitz Champion

7 October 2020 Tom Leah is the Limewood Blitz Champion for 2020. He took the title decisively by winning 8 of his 9 games, two more than his nearest rival. The contest was delayed from the spring by the Coronavirus pandemic. It now took place online using the LiChess platform’s Arena format. 5 minutes per… Continue reading »