Welcome to Year of the Rat

Welcome to Year of the Rat<a name="gotop"></a>

22 January 2020 The Chinese community are celebrating their New Year and the dawning of the Year of the Rat, the first in the Chinese 12-year Zodiac cycle. In Chinese tradition the rat represents Wisdom. People born in the Year of the Rat are reputedly intelligent, quick-witted, practical, charming, stubborn, devious and able to size… Continue reading »

Preparing for the Chinese New Year

Preparing for the Chinese New Year<a name="gotop"></a>

15 January 2020 With the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rat rapidly approaching, Team B were keen to keep up the pressure in their promotion race. They did it, with a win over Rose Forgrove’s E Team. The margin of victory wasn’t as great as they had hoped but wins from Kevin… Continue reading »

Round 6 – sharp edges

Round 6 – sharp edges

8 January 2020 It was Round 6 of the main league tonight and all four of our teams were playing. The results: Team A lost at home to Leeds A by 3½ tp 1½. Team B won away at Harrogate by 3 to 2. Team C lost away to Pudsey B by 4 to 1…. Continue reading »

Just what was in the coffee?

Just what was in the coffee?

5 January 2020 Just what did Mrs May put in Paul’s coffee that morning? It was day of the Hull Rapidplay Congress held, interestingly, at Hull. 22 hopefuls were lined up for the Major section. Grades ranged downwards from 1870. Ranked at number 14 a certain Paul May, rapidplay grade 1600. After 4 rounds Paul… Continue reading »

All square: 9½ – 9½

All square:  9½ – 9½<a name="gotop"></a>

4 December 2019 After last week’s forced abstinence all 4 league teams were back in action tonight. The overall result: all square, 9½ to 9½. That hides the detail, of course. 2 teams won, 2 teams lost. In Division 1: ~ Limewood A lost at home to Pudsey A by 1½ to 3½ In Division… Continue reading »

A good night for some …..

A good night for some …..<a name="gotop"></a>

20 November 2019 ….. but not for others. It was the 4th round of the main league tonight. Three of our teams were playing at home – with the usual space restored after last week’s enforced intimacy. Team A were the absentees, playing away at Rose Forgrove. The A and B teams had every reason… Continue reading »