British Online Championships start 18 December

9 December 2020

Entries are now open for the British Online Championships. They replace this summer’s cancelled OTB event.

There is a myriad of competitions to cater for players of all standards.

The following are open to anyone of the appropriate grade without going through any qualifying rounds:
~ Standard: separate morning and afternoon competitions: sections U1400 (old ECF 93), U 1700 (old 133), U 2000 (old 173), Open.
~ Rapid: evenings: sections U1400 (old ECF 93), U 1700 (133), U 2000 (173), Open.

The following involve qualifying rounds to whittle down numbers for the Finals:
~ Open Championship: Standard, Rapid, Blitz and Bullet
~ Women’s Championship: Standard, Rapid and Blitz
~ Junior Championship: U18, U16, U14, U12, U10, U8 sections: Standard, Rapid, Blitz and Bullet
~ Senior Championship: 50+ and 65+ sections: Standard and Rapid

Dates: 18 December to 3 January with 3-day break at Xmas and 2-day break at New Year.

Fees: £15 gives you the run of the non-qualifier competitions: Standard am, Standard pm, Rapid.
£25 is the all-you-can-eat ticket, for as many competitions as you can manage.

Full details and online entry form are at:
British Online Chess Championships