British Chess Championships come to Yorkshire

Friday 27 July to Sunday 5 August 2018

previewed by Lumpy Kustud

At last!  The British Championships come to Yorkshire – to Hull City Hall – and local players can take part without having to step off the sacred soil of God’s Own County.

What?  ‘Above our level’ did I hear?  Rhubarb, of the best Yorkshire variety.

Of course there are the sections for the Cream of Chess (including the odd clot, but we won’t mention names) attracting a whole load of Grand Masters, and niche sections for 8, 9 and 10-year-olds (yes, really).

But there are also the Weekender ‘Yates’ (Fri-Sun) for the U120s (ECF grade, not age though sometimes you might wonder) and the Weekday (Mon-Fri) with separate tournaments for the U120s and the U100s.  Yes, even with a grade of, say, 90 you have a sporting a chance of coming away with silverware without being arrested for it.

For ordinary mortals it’s like an ordinary congress but bigger and plushier and more inclusive than most and a wider range of tournaments to choose from.  Plus opportunity to watch an array of Grand Masters in action.

As an added attraction there is a programme of social events – some chess-related, some not – mostly free, some at reduced cost, some with free beer.   For example there is a a chess problem-solving cake competition (a chess problem on an iced cake) – the winner gets the cake.  There’s a more serious chess problem contest (8 problems to be solved in 2 hours) with £50 prizes in the different sections.  There’s a chess night at a local casino, a general knowledge quiz night, outdoor chess with human pieces, a free showing of the film ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ (Fischer-Spassky) and an organised pub crawl with free buffet (but you pay for the drinks).

Attractions for Junior players include a free pizza-making and eating event at an Italian restaurant with free ice-cream and cordial thrown in.  Not literally of course …….. though on second thoughts would anyone be surprised?

More info and online enrolment are on the BCC website:

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