6 April 2015
Limewood scored a valuable and unexpected draw in a brillant performance against promotion-chasing Copperworks at the Fox and Grapes.

Copperworks outgraded us at every board – overall by a total of something like 150 points.  And the result?:  Limewood scored a win by Paul and 3 draws, from Philip, Andy and Gareth, to even the match.  That strengths our position at 3rd place in the league table.  Only Pudsey B can now overtake us – and we meet them in the final league match on 20 April.

Yet Copperworks were not too unhappy at the result.  They came to the match needing only a draw to guarantee their promotion back to Division 2.  They got their draw so they were able to celebrate too.

A rare case of congratulations all round!

Paul’s game is now displayed here in our Best Games pages and Members can view the three drawn games via links from Paul’s Page.