Bone-crusher Higgins triumphs – Strickland stricken

22 November 2017

Photo of PhilHiggins

Phil Higgins (grade 86) upset the form books with a brilliant win over West Leeds top board Ian Strickland (grade 128) in the our C Team’s match at the Eagle.  The game lasted a mere 21 moves.

Computer analysis of the game shows that Phil played to near perfection and took full advantage of his opponent’s mistakes.  A beautifully-finished  performance that you can play through in our collection of Best Games.

Phil’s team-mate Steve Hodgson (grade 73) also upset form by obtaining a draw against Stephen Forbes (grade 114).

Meanwhile, over at Pudsey, Team B’s top 2 boards were also playing well above their station.  Chris Tatham (grade 115)  drew against a 151-grader and Howard Brears (101) drew against a 125.  Two more excellent results.

Up in Division 2, Team A had a clearcut win over Rose Forgrove C – no great drama there.  Team A stay at or near the top of the Division.

Limewood members can read more about all the night’s games in Paul May’s Captain’s Blog.